Thank you to the many organizations listed below for your continued support in our vision of
Ecological Wellness
Restorative & Regenerative Land Practices

Nicola Thomas

GRFF Founder, P.D.C. Community Capacity Builder

Permaculture A Quiet Revolution



Organizing & Activism Support

  • Confronting Oppression (gender, age etc.) 

  • Solutions-Based Strategies, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution

  • Administrative Support; Media Campaigns (access dependency)

  • Community Connection, Collaboration & capacity Building

  • Effective Networking & Securing Funding

  • Personal Resilience Practices to prevent and recover from burnout

  • Social permaculture for nurturing effective groups (harvesting, cooking etc.) 

Look for opportunities

  • City climate change policies, Land development, Underutilized green spaces, Become a Bee City, Urban Forestry Department


Children, education, involve

  • Local community, church or school

  • Inspire, motivate and support ambassadors

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We're pleased to welcome Nicola Thomas of Grand River Food Forestry to our Keynote Panel on sustainability, climate action and the role of co-operatives in visioning our future. Nicola brings a wealth of knowledge in permaculture, social justice and bringing community together to share in creating better food security in an urban setting. Don't miss her workshop on the second day,

Permaculture: A Quiet Revolution! 

#permaculture #urbanag

Parkdale Toronto Talk.jpg

Hosted by the Horticultural Societies of Parkdale, Toronton ON

Ecological Wellness through Restorative Urban Agriculture: A Sustainable Vision for the Future

— with Nicola Thomas

Permaculture can be an important tool for the creation of socially-just and ecologically regenerative urban commons. In this talk, Nicola Thomas, will explore the transformational possibilities of urban permaculture with a focus on: "How we can be the change to an ecologically sustainable future!" - what is the recipe, components, ideal partners, and motivation?

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Growing The Local Food Movement

Food is essential and universal, growing food in public space can be a wonderful means of community-building, but how do we make sustainable models for community gardens and urban agriculture that retain knowledgeable and engaged members, have long-term access to land, and that can pay their bills?

Nicola Thomas, Founder of Grand River Food Forestry 

Olivia Michalczuk Environment and Open Spaces Coordinator, NA.

Angela ElzingaCheng Executive Director, Greenest City

Kolade Boboye and Craig Cain Social Innovation Coordinators, Hope Blooms


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Mitigating Climate Change Through Food Forestry 
Nicola Thomas (video conference)

Planting Trees, Afforestation;

The Solution to Earth's Environmental Dilemma
Julia Adamson


Saskatchewan Native Prairie Inventory;

An Estimation of Remaining Grasslands
Joanne Marchand (Chair) & Teal Fisher



                  Mtl  - 2019


How does Integrating Trees into agricultural systems benefit soil health and soil carbon sequestration? What are the barriers to adoption of agroforestry in Canada and how  could we promote this practice more widely?


Alain Oliver (Host), Professor of Agroforestry Universite Laval, Nicola Thomas, Founder of GRFF, Harry Greene, Co-founder and director of Farm Development, Propagate Ventures, Andrew Gordon, Professor esearcher , School of Environmental Science, Guelph University


Thanks Jeff Hager for being an awesome host

and having us on your show

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Authors June Komisar & Joe Nasr, Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture

signed & kindly gifted to GRFF.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Calgary, Alberta. 2017


Dave Harvey,

Founder & Executive Director of

Park People. 

Canada’s leading city park transformation organization.

GRFF & The Black Farmers Collective  were amongst The 100 Heart of the City  National Delegates 2016 

Dr. Vandana Shiva founded Navdanya, the Indian-based NGO to promote biodiversity conservation, organic farming, the rights of farmers, and the process of seed saving. 

Water is Life

Toronto, ON. 2017

Permaculturist - Agroecology



Toronto, ON. 2016


Permaculturist - Agroecology

Cibwe award winner for 2015

Celina Caesar-Chavannes MP is a Canadian Liberal politician, who  served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister from 2015 to 2017 in addition to the 2007 Black Business & Professional Association’s Harry Jerome Young Entrepreneur Award.