Permaculture Techniques

Lasagna or No Till Gardening

No Dig Gardening or Lasagna Gardening is a fantastic technique whereby we do not till the soil. Tilling damages the soil structure, insect habitat and beneficial microbes that contribute to the health of the soil. This technique provides food and bedding for worms which will work their way up through the layers turning the soil for you. Voila! It’s that simple.


Step 1. Lay cardboard or newspaper (nothing with a shiny finish) to suppress grass and weeds.

Wet the cardboard, ensuring it is thoroughly soaked.

Step 2. Place compost on soaked cardboard.

Step 3. Place a layer of straw over compost

Step 4. Place layer of top soil over straw.

Step 5. Place a layer of straw over top soil.

Step 6. Place a layer of mulch over straw and soak thoroughly

Step 7. Happy Planting!

Normally in lasagna gardening we would use some leaf material and grass clippings in the layering. We had no access to those materials at the time, so we used what we had.

After practicing No Till Gardening for just over 12 years, It is a phenomenal time saver, barely having to water unless we have long periods without rain. This technique keeps the soil moist and suppresses weeds. The last layer of mulch holds the water, suppresses weeds and encourages mycellum to flourish which are integral in healthy soils.

The aesthetics make this technique appeal to many..


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