Join us in connecting community through food.

Creating spaces of inclusion, reflection, relaxation, educational tours, medicinal herbs, wildlife habitat, pollinator hedges & permaculture teachings.

Healthy Schools

A Sustainable Future
Creating Guardians
of Gardeners

Elementary, High Schools
& Universities

Engaging youth, connecting to ecological health & a sustainable future.

Our greatest efforts are maximized

through collaboration.

Permaculture covers many topics outlined in the

Ontario Elementary to University curriculum standards.

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Creating space, crossing barriers of age, gender & culture

Planting to benefit today & into the future

Healthy Communities

Community Centers, Parks,
Church Communities & more..

Food Forests become a center point of sharing resources, engaging and connecting community. Food forests and pollinator gardens are creations made possible through community collaboration.

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Our Greatest

Efforts are




Residential Consultation

Working with Nature

Nourish & Heal,

Mind & Body

Regenerating Natural Systems

The enchantment of abundant food; pollinator gardens, fruit & nut trees, berries, perennial food, medicinal plants, pumpless Ponds & more..


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Towards Our



Corporate Team Building

Team Building

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Ecological Collaboration